Is my current computer fast?


Nov 8, 2012
Hi I have a Dell studio 1555 thats 3 years old.
Windows 7, 32 bit
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P8600 @2.4 GHz 2.40 GHz
Memory 4.00 GB (2.96 usable)

Here are my questions:

1. Does that mean i have 4 gigs of memory, or 2.9?

2. If I buy this
it says the processor is 2.3GHz

does that mean my current machine is actually faster than this new HP?

So if I want something faster than my current machine I need to look at a bigger number than a 2.4 GHz?

or am I reading it wrong?



Sep 27, 2012
It means you have 4 GB of ram, but 1.1 of them are being used by Windows.

Also, you're reading it wrong. The GHz ONLY matters when comparing two cards of the same model - two difference third-gen core i5's, for example.

There are HUGE differences between processors - the one you linked is going to be about 30% faster than the one you have right now.


Aug 7, 2008
the qustion isn't fast but fast enough (for what you use it for)
1) You have 4 gigs of memory but 32-bit can only use 3 (generally)
2) the processor TYPE is always much more important, Ghz are usualful when looking at the same type of processor
3) thus the linked machine would be faster


1. You have 4gb of ram. But windows 32 needs some of it for hardware control storage that is not abailable to you, leaving 2.9gb useable.

2. Your P8600 has a passmark number of 1542.
Because of smarter, newer architecture, the Intel Core i3-2350M 2.3 does more work per clock, giving it about double the compute capability with a passmark number of 2738.

If you want real performance out of a laptop, buy a SSD for it. The cpu is rarely the most restrictive part for everyday usage.


Jan 20, 2012
It will be quite a bit faster. You don't mention if you are doing any gaming but just wanted to note that the 630M is pretty weak for playing any newer titles at the link laptop's native resolution (1600x900).

I think it is a nice model but note that the 1600x900 on 17" Lenovo's seems to have have pretty low contrast(similar to the 1366x768 on the 15" models). If you are mostly doing office related tasks and media I would strongly recommend getting a 1920x1080 screen on that large of a laptop as the extra screen real estate is much preferred.

Edit: Here is a review if you like:



The reason to buy the Y780 is because of the larger 17" screen.
That is fine if it is a desktop replacement.
If you want transportability, you might do better with a smaller laptop.

If, by performance, you use multi core enabled and cpu intensive apps, then it is a good buy.
If, you just want everyday performance, then you really want a ssd instead of a laptop hard drive.
A lower cost dual core i3 and a ssd will be much faster.

A SSD will cost < $1 per gb. See how much storage you are now using. If you can fit what you need on a ssd, that is really the way to go. You can buy a laptop with an included ssd, but that may cost more than buying a ssd and replacing the hard drive yourself.
I have the predecessor Y770. I replaced the hard drive with a Intel 120gb SSD and the performance improved magically.
If I ever need more storage, I will just put the original hard drive in an external usb attached enclosure


Nov 8, 2012
Thanks everyone. Im really blown away at what a nice forum this is.

Im just looking to get a new second laptop. I wont be traveling with it much so the 17" screen is great for me. I find I always want a bigger and bigger screen.

I dont game but I think I will do some video editing, probably in premiere or Sony Vegas, so having a faster system would be great.

Otherwise I mostly surf the net and its not uncommon for me to have 20 browser windows open as I go back and forth from one email to the next site, etc.

Im just an impatient person and want web pages and photoshop to open up fast lol

Lenovo seems to have a solid reputation and I havent heard anything negative about it. And Im excited that its an i5.

Thanks very much everyone


Feb 22, 2007
price wise, looks like a good buy.
RAM - 6 gigs ram sounds strange as I think it runs ram in dual channel mode which would be two equal sized ram modules (ie a pair of 2 gig (4) or 2 x 4 (8 gigs)). IF triple channel (3 X 2) would be correct. If it is one 2 gig with one 4 gigs would recommend near term to upgrade the 2 gig to a 4 gig module.
HDD. This is a slower HDD (5400 RPMs vs 7200 RPM). Not sure if you would really notice a diff. Have three laptops and replaced HDDs for a 7200 RPM model. BUT: what I would recommned is that as soon as you can afford it, Replace HDD with a SSD.
... SSDs are SOoooo much faster, about 20 -> 50 times faster than a HDD. With that in mind, whn I went looking for a 17" laptop. two criteria and i5-2400 (This is a Sandybridge CPU which was before ivebridge (i5-3xxx)0 and TWO HDD bays - one for a FAST SSD (OS + Programs) and the 2nd bay for the HDD for storing My generated files/movies/ect).
... as to 1080 vs 900 screen, Yes the 1080 is better but also adds to cost.
Also on screen, it really helps if you can view in person as different brands have better/worst LCD panels.

.. On Video editing. Do not do editing but do do DVD and Blu-ray conversion. Convert Movies to a smaller size so to fit on my Tablet and so I can stick a bunch on a thumb drive for watching on Plane or when away from the House. Stuck about 25 movies (DVDs and Blu-ray) on a 64 gig thumbdrive - This was still painfully slow, about an hour to an hour and a half per movie. Need to Buy a higher end converter -LOL.

For Brands I tend to favor Asus, But Love My Samsung RF711. 17", i5-2410M w/NVidia 540 GPU, 8 Gigs ram, Blu-ray ROM/DVD Writer. a 128 gig SSD and a 256 gig SSD. Toshibia use to have about the 2nd best rep for reliability, but think they have sliped a litle - have two older Toshibia's that have been great.