Is my GPU failing as well as overheating?


Aug 22, 2014
I wrote this recently but got no responses, so decided to rewrite as things seem to be getting worse.

Recently, I was playing The Crew and found the temperatures were reaching 99 degrees for my GPU as indicated by the massive frame rate drop, but since then other things seem to have been going wrong, but I'll listen things that were happening before.

I do believe the HDD is at fault as well as the laptop can be incredibly slow and does tend to get slow (in fact one time, Windows wouldn't even boot, but unless you can't reinstall Windows they won't do anything about it) and it might be the cause of some of the issues I outline below.

First thing I noticed was with the Youtube video player which seems to have jumping icons (such as the play/pause and fullscreen buttons). They're still functional, but it seems like a problem non-the-less.

I've noticed that Chrome (and Opera too) will freeze up while I'm scrolling down the page, the window will then go black and back to normal browsing shortly after until it repeats the process some while later.

More recently (since noticing the thermal throttling), I've noticed more things have slight issues, such as when I'm playing a game (Often just Rocksmith or Civ 5), the temperature will only reach about 70-80 degrees, though it'll free both audio and video and resume, though the actions were still going on as that happens (Hopefully that makes sense?)

And also, sound glitches seem to be quite common now when watching videos.

Again, I'm considering maybe this could be due to a faulty HDD, but sounds more like my GPU is failing, I'm wondering what your thoughts are?

And one more thing to point out, in my desktop PC, just before one of my GPUs died, MSI Afterburner would show some strangely high numbers as is the case with my laptop. It will say that GPU consumption is 4294967298%. The same number is used in other graphs too regarding usage as a percentage.

The GPU is a GTX 860M 4GB in a Lenovo Y50 (2015 model)

Thank you.