Question Is my laptop messed up?

Jan 19, 2019
So I've got an MSI GT80 I bought for cheap at the beginning of the year. About 4 months ago, I let a "friend" of mine use my laptop and told him to plug it in as the gpus run at extremely low clock speeds when on battery.
I was a couple feet away from him, watching him, when I caught a whiff of that horrible burning smell.
I stepped over to my laptop and inspected the power jack. The charging cable was halfway in and I couldn't push it all the way in, as though something was stopping it. Get this, the cable was forced in the wrong way :mad:
I took the charging cable out and inspected it to find some debris, stuck inside one of the four "cavities" (proper terminology?).
The power jack has 4 prongs in a, I guess, isosceles trapezoidal shape.
Anyway, one of the prongs on the power jack was/still is messed up. It's like it's missing the bit of metal (or whatever it is) around the tip of actual prong. I'm assuming that the debris stuck in the charging cable is that metal tip.
So, ever since then, I've been using that broken charging cable and it's always sticking halfway out of the jack and I've had no issues, apart from it getting quite hot on rare occasions, which I believe is due to a lack of total contact between prongs. However, I decided to load up BO2 today and I began to smell that horrid burning again. I checked the jack and the end of the charging cable seems to have melted a bit more to the point where two of the holes of the cable's end are just about forming one large hole.
I'm hesitant to continue using this cable. Worried that it may mess up the power jack even more if the cables melts again.
Now, about 1 month after the first melting incident with my friend, I received a replacement power adapter from Aliexpress. I immediately put my old adapter away tried the new one. What I noticed was that when I began to play certain games such as Warframe, Elite Dangerous, COD, the laptop would stop charging and the power adapter would switch off. The laptop would start charging again after I would disconnect and reconnect the power to the adapter itself.
This represents why I've been using the damaged power adapter since.
It melting a bit more tonight made me question how satisfied I was with the old cable and it's got me worried that that one prong in the jack missing its tip is preventing the laptop from getting enough power from the new adapter.
I have no idea why the new adapter does not work properly. I feel as though the debris in other cable should prevent necessary power output, but obviously this is not the case.
I was also thinking of attempting to swap the ends of the adapters to see if that would fix anything. Maybe it's a fault with the new adapter. This is a last resort as I do not trust my wiring skills.
Any help/explanation/recommendations are appreciated.

This is what the adapter looks like:
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You need to get a new charger and have the jack replaced as well before it does any real damage to your device. Which would be a lot more costly to fix than just replacing those two things.

Also, be sure the charger you get is not aftermarket. You really need to stick with an OEM one. Yes I know they cost more, but getting aftermarket parts for laptops, especially chargers and batteries, are a bad idea.
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