Question Is my SSD dead or somehow alive? HELP

Jul 20, 2020
So my windows decided not to boot up one day and had to reinstall windows on a different drive. I was wondering if the SSD didn't work anymore or if it was windows. After I got done installing windows on my HDD, my SSD would not show up in my windows explorer. So I looked it up online and realized that you had to do something inside the disk management. Windows read my SSD on the disk management but it shows up as disk 1 and only says online. It doesn't show how much GB my SSD has nor it even shows up as a disk that can be used to save filed. It shows up as Disk 1 Basic, and it's showing up as online. I tried 2 different recovery files applications to see if I can recover my files back from my SSD. It shows up on both of the applications but when I open them on the software, it shows up as a drive with no letter next to it and it has a folder that says "Lost files". The folder inside it has another folder called "#1 Lost Partitions(NTFS). Inside of that folder, it has 3 folders(Which two of them have the same name) called Recovery and System Volume Information. So after realizing that all my files on my SSD are gone, I tried to find a way to format it. But even I can't format my SSD. Since windows can only read the drive and not actually access it, I can't format it either. I also tried booting it from a different pc and it also won't boot up windows. I really have one option to do at this point. Buy a new SSD and throw the other one away. Also what caused my SSD to 'die' was overclocking my GPU in MSI afterburner some random high frequency and it crashed my pc at first which I knew what was going to happen and I thought it would reset itself after restarting. I booted into windows after I crashed and around when windows were starting to boot up programs, my windows crashed again and when I tried to boot it up for the second time, it would not boot up and that's when I decided to install windows on my HDD.
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