Is Pathfinder: Kingmaker 2018's Next Great RPG?

Nov 27, 2018
I don't disagree that the characters should have / could have been written better. But you've got a few things very misinterpreted. Valerie (that "Paladin Lady") was not kicked out of the order for being too pretty (for starters). Not sure what dialogue you were paying attention to. She got sick of the onus on art and beauty, including on her own, that she quit of her own volition and became a mercenary fighter to prove she was worth more than just a "pretty face".

Also, gearing your characters appropriately is actually quite intuitive ... need basic knowledge of characters and their feats, yes, but should we be getting that while leveling them and while making our selections? What you can't equip is highlight red, so that takes care of your "can my cleric wear heavy armor or not" problem no? Could go on, but while you make some solid points, a lot of your complaints are non existent.