Question Is there a way to move the menu buttons from the side to the bottom on the ew 2019 rca voyager tablet3?

Jun 1, 2019
Sorry i m new to this but,, on these cheaplil rca voyagers My son's always has had me purchase him these,, rca voyager 3tablets,,I'm not exactly sure y but he has autism so,,.. thanks for the q&hope to get an answer... he gets impatient. But God iluvhim!


Are you talking about the app shortcuts row like the icons for YouTube, Chrome etc.. on the right side like in this picture? If you can't find the option to change the home screen, there may not be a way. They should rotate depending on the tablet orientation to bottom when in portrait mode.

It may be set there as a widget on the home screen, those you can move around with a long press on the screen.

That changes depending on the orientation of the tablet.
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