is there any new tv that has both coaxial input and output


Aug 9, 2014
We have an old tv that has the option of composite out and composite in. We think this tv may be a goner. If so, we will be forced to look at an LCD or a plasma tv. From what I can see, these only have composite ins. Any work around to get a situation similar to what we have now?
If you need to feed the output of the internal TV tuner then you will not be able to do this. If you are using digital over the air you could split your antenna to connect to the TV as well as a digital to analog over the air converter box which would connect via composite (and analog audio) to whatever you had connected before.
Any external sources to your new TV will connect with HDMI. If these have composite outputs as well you could use them to feed directly to whatever you had connected before.
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