Is this Laptop worth it - Or could you recommend a better gaming one?


Nov 4, 2015
Hello Guys!

Sorry for posting this, I know it gets asked pretty much all the time but I'd appreciate all the help I can get.

I'm currently looking to buy a new laptop and want to find the best deal I possibly can!

I currently have an Acer Aspire E1-571 with Windows 8.1, 500GB HD, Quad i5-3210, 8GB RAM, CPU 2.50 GHz, Intel HD Graphics 4000.

Basically it sucks, it runs wow fine but overheats now and then (I have to clean the fans regularly and use my cooling pad to prevent this)

The casing has also broke due to me dropping it, so I'm in desperate need for a new one, I could just buy the casing or a new one at £270 but I'd rather upgrade.

This is how it looks if you care :)

The screen: As you can see, one of the wires is completely cut in half, the over is what is holding it together, the clip has totally snapped off, there's a cut on the shell and screen were it's rubbed.

The battery port: As you can see it's falling off and is moving up more as the other side fails to support the broken side.

The other side clip falling off:

Ideally I'm looking for something which can run WoW without overheating, so a decent fan would be nice and can handle raiding, it might be too much to ask for running on the highest specs, with my budget, while raiding but it's worth a try. Just something were the graphics stand out and it's fast enough to run high end games.

I have posted on other forums and have been recommended this:

Ideally I don't want to spend anymore than £800 what so ever as it's out of my budget however the above I was playing around with it and it's an extra 57 to upgrade to i7 and 45 for 16gb.
Do you think an extra 102 is worth it for performance?

If you guys could find any better deals or think that is worth the price then please post! I am in deperate need for a new laptop and really need some assurance before spending so much money on one!

Thanks for reading![/code]


Jun 8, 2013
Hi johnny PC specialist do pretty decent budget laptops and to quickly answer is the extra 102 worth it ? I would say no, if your just gaming and not doing anything to do with editing 16GB of ram is overkill. Stick with 8, I would always get an i7 because a quadcore will be needed for performance especially in gaming. Now however Intel does quad core i5's for laptops and considering your budget I would most Likely stick with an i5 and get better storage.

I don't think there is any where or anything better for value to be honest.