Solved! Is this VR setup okay?

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Dec 30, 2020
Hey guys I’m about to enter the VR world. I wanna build my PC. I’m pretty new. I’m planning on getting this setup, can you guys help me out and tell me if it’s a good setup and maybe see if I can come down on some things to stay under 1000$ TIA

I7 9700k- 270$-processor
MSI z390 pro-120$- motherboard
MSI geforce 3060ti 8gb-490$ -gpu
Oloy ddr 16gb- 65$- RAM
Seagate berracuda compute 2TB-55$- SSD STORAGE
Corsair CV 650w- 70$- power supply
Phantiks eclipse p400A digital-90$- case
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Jan 6, 2021
I would go a bit over budget for that setup honestly. You will be good for longer if you just dont downgrade. I made the mistake of downgrading my pc when I got it and have had to spend a lot more getting better parts for it than if I were to just get it upgraded. Also i7-9700k is a very good processor. I have one and its lasted me 3 years and has never had any issues exept for overheating. If you can get a 3060 for retail then do not hesitate. Those things are impossible to get for a normal price. And duel 8 gigs is ideal. If I were you I would probably downgrade the storage if your not gonna have a lot of things on it. Other than that thats a godly setup.
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