Question Issue with tech repair

Mar 8, 2019
Hello everyone I recently dropped my MSI G Series GP60 Leopard laptop off at a repair shop for my power port not charging after I plugged my laptop in.

after getting the call it was working again I picked it up and upon getting back to the house I powered it on [it did charge now] and noticed that the keyboard was not seated into the laptop correctly in the corners and along the sides.

When I would press keys they did not respond correctly, if I pressed the D key it was like hitting the enter key or the V key was like hitting F11 and it was across the entire board that hitting the left sided keys would be like hitting a key on the right side but did not match up correctly.

After taking it back up to them and telling them the issue they said it was a keyboard issue and they would order another and replace it.

Which brings me to today, I got another call from them saying that they replaced the keyboard and are still having issues with it so are going to keep working on it but he said that if they couldn't get it working they were going to refund me my $70 dollars for the laptop power port but they still messed up my laptop so I am not going to be able use it unless I am using an external keyboard.

has anyone ever had an issue like this with the keyboard??
or with a tech repair place messing up your laptop up worse??
The only way I can see the keyboard becoming a problem would be if the person who dismantled the laptop didn't place everything back correctly, or even used an incorrectly sized part, and this caused the keyboard to not seat correctly.

If that is the case, they need to either resolve the problem or reimburse you for the damage. You may want to consider taking it to another tech and see what they say about it. If it will cost less or near what you are being reimbursed for the original work, then let the new tech fix it and never use the first one again.
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