Solved! JVC JR-S400 Noise Problem

Sep 16, 2020
I have a JVC JR-S400 receiver, it's not in fantastic condition but it works and it was free. The problem is that it makes quite an obnoxious noise when it's on (listen here). I tried plugging it into a different outlet and still get the noise. It does not change when the volume is turned up or down. I tried disconnecting the speakers, all input devices, and just plugged in headphones and it STILL has the noise even when nothing is plugged in or playing. It seems to be in 5kHz range, since it gets quieter when I turn down that band (but doesn't entirely go away). I figure it must be something internal to the receiver, maybe some radio interference or it could just be dying. Anyone here have any advice on how to get rid of it?
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