Klipsch R-12SW is making no sound??? Optical --> Insignia Soundbar --> LFE


Jan 5, 2014
My roommate and I picked up a brand new Klipsch R12SW today to hook up to our living room xbox and soundbar but no matter what settings we adjust, we can't get the subwoofer to make any sound. Soundbar works fine, it is definitely playing the bass sounds through it's wimpy internal bass speaker, but nothing from the Klipsch. Any ideas on what we can do or change to make it work?

*We tested the Sub with a direct connection to a laptop via. a 3.5mm to RCA cable and it seems to work fine.

Details of the setup right now:
Xbox One S (Speaker Audio: Stereo Uncompressed)
via. Optical Audio Cable
Insignia NS-SB316 Soundbar (Mode Selection: Standard)
Connected from "Subwoofer Out" port
via. Subwoofer Cable
to LFE port (White RCA)
Klipsch R12SW Subwoofer (120Hz, Phase 0)