Solved! Laptop - 4 TVs and Surround Sound

Feb 8, 2022
My church tasked me with this task but I'm no wizard when it comes to electronics. Here is what they want me to find out.

They want to hook up 4 TVs to a laptop with surround sound. I'm told that we probably need a 1x4 HDMI splitter from the laptop to the TVs. The TVs would all display the same video that is displayed on the laptop. For example on movie night all 4TVs would display the same movie that is streaming to the laptop from Netflix. However the sound/audio would be coming out of the Surround Sound speakers only.

They want the 4 TVs and Laptop NOT TO have sound but the sound comes from the surround sound only. Not sure what we have to buy or how to hookup the speakers so the sound only comes out of the speakers and the not TVs and Laptop.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
For surround sound, use a A/V receiver with speakers connected to the laptop with HDMI and TVs to the HDMI out on the receiver with a 4 way splitter.