Solved! Laptop and monitor question

Jan 4, 2020
Hi , im looking for some advice , I currently have this gaming laptop and im looking at buying a monitor so I can game on a larger screen . I have recently found this monitor and wondering if I will just be able to plug in it via hdmi and get going , I plug my laptop into my tv to watch things but I have never tried an actual pc monitor and I have herd that I could have an issue sometimes with monitors of 144hz . Total novice at this type of thing so any help would be very much appreciated thanks
Feb 16, 2020
No you won't have issues, only thing may be that you won't be able to run the screen at 144hz depending on the specs of your HDMI port and the monitor specs.
I am having a similar question. Im thinking of getting a 144hz monitor and im not sure if the high refresh rate will work if i connect it to my laptop (acer zenbook pro 15) through a docking station with a usc tybe c thunderbolt 3 cable. Will i still experience the 144 hz that way?


Feb 10, 2020
Like H9 said it all depends on what your laptop is capable of. Using it stock no matter what sort of adapter you run it through, you will only get the resolution the video card in the laptop is capable of. It's like hooking a VHS player up to a 4k TV and expecting 4k resolution.

It may be fine even if you don't get the full 144hz. Easiest way to tell is drag your laptop down to a retailer and plug it into a monitor or two.

You may be able to find an external interface to circumvent the existing video card but it's not going to be worth it. Sorry to say it but if you want to be a hard core gamer, buck up and get a system that will do it right. Gaming laptops are a lot more expensive than a tower. Keep your laptop for powerpoint presentations at work and get yourself a box set for gaming with a hot video card that will organically give you the resolution you want and reduce lag.
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