Solved! Laptop battery issues

Jul 13, 2020
My Toshiba Satellite L55 has had power issues for a long time. It's probably five years old, and for the past two or three, when using it on battery power (not plugged in), it will randomly turn off, sometimes making a popping noise. The battery always showed there was plenty of charge, and you could plug it in and turn it back on, unplug it, and it would work fine. I dealt with that issue for a long time. Now, just in the last couple days, it has gone to constantly showing 0% battery charge. It will not turn on unless plugged in, and if if it gets unplugged, it turns off. Prior to this, the battery life was good. It would last a few hours if you got lucky and it didn't randomly pop an turn off. Now, it won't charge at all or maybe doesn't recognize the battery. I'm sure this laptop already has outlasted its normal lifespan, but if there's any suggestions for fixing this issue, I'd appreciate it.