laptop battery: Plugged IN and CHARGING, but 0% forever....


Feb 15, 2017

I have a laptop battery always hanging around, did not plug-in or use it mostly of the time, but rather as a spare/ back-up battery. Usually i plugged in with the laptop say just every 2 weeks to recharge it and keep it fresh. But last week, i did not do it...and what is shows:

Plugged in and charging...but 0% forever...

How do i rescue this battery? Thank you

Sony VGN-AR770U
Battery: VGP-BPS9A/B 11.1V/5200mAh

Phillip Corcoran

I don't think it can be "rescued" when it's got to the stage where it can no longer hold a charge. Charging it up every two weeks was too frequent in my opinion - - a laptop battery has a finite number of charging cycles, after which it reaches the end of it's useful life. Keeping a spare battery in this scenario has proved to be waste of money.

The one that your laptop came with is in better condition than the spare - -- it would have been better to wait until you actually needed a new battery before buying one.


Perhaps it is just reporting that it is at 0%.

Does it work?

If so, I would take a voltmeter and measure the other one....fully charged...outside the laptop.

Then I would measure that one...fully charged,,,outside the laptop. If they are roughly the same voltage....I would say the battery is reporting a false value and I would just use it.


Feb 15, 2017
No, can't use it, that's the problem, in fact i tried using a different DC adapter, turned the laptop off and let it charge for like 5 good.

It sucks that i really did not use this battery, now is like total lost....any idea how to rescue? Thanks
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