Laptop battery problem


Jul 20, 2016
A few months ago my battery stopped charging and whenever I booted it up it said my battery needed to be replaced. So a week ago I bought a new battery and it still wouldn't charge. I talked to microsoft support online and they said it was a hardware issue and I needed to phone dell. I hate talking to those guys so I have been delaying it. But today when I'm just playing a game, my laptop restarts out of nowhere and my laptop starts charging. Except it wont connect to wifi and I had to use ethernet, I come back a few hours later and wifi works and my battery won't charge. What is happening and how do I get wifi and my battery to work.
Well if the laptop is under warranty, then they are right, you should be calling the manufacturer as it shouldn't act like that.

I would suggest also checking your system for any needed updates (including drivers) and also do some serious virus and malware checking.