Laptop Build Under $1500


Feb 7, 2016
Hey everybody,

I was wondering if someone could help me with finding items to buy in the building of a laptop that would be suited to both work and gaming, for under $1500 (it is really the apex of my budget right now, plus or minus a few dollars). Here are some details, indicating what I must have.

-- 1TB hard drive (minimum, no preference on SSD or HDD, though you can attempt to convince me).
-- 8 GB RAM (minimum, preferably 16GB or more).
-- Anything other than godforsaken Intel HD graphics (no integrated graphics)
-- The best keyboard that I can afford (I'm a graduate student).

Of course, I am looking for quality within the budget. If you could give some reasons for the choices you make, I would greatly appreciate it.

I also saw the other post entitled, "under $1500 pc build," but I have more requirements than were offered by the author of that post, namely, that I need a laptop.

Building a laptop will obviously be more challenging than building a pc tower. But it is something I must have, as I am on the move quite a lot.

Probably the most efficient way to go about this would be to buy a laptop and replace its parts. Currently, I have a Dell N5010; I could rip it apart and build into the old frame if need be. Here are the specifications:

Lastly, any recommendations (such as, "don't waste your time with a laptop build") are welcome.

If you have any other questions, I'll try to respond as promptly as I can. Thanks.