Laptop Charging Indicator/Light Issue?


Jan 20, 2018
So I have an MSI GT70 that had some repair work done on it due to apparently the thermal paste wearing down due to the laptop already being a couple of years old and being a high powered laptop for gaming. I was using it as a desktop replacement but I also like to use it as a laptop sometimes so I will move it off my desk on occasion.

After having a new graphics card put in due to the old one no longer functioning on top of the thermal paste problem. I began noticing an issue with the laptop no longer being able to hold a charge. I sent in back to the repair place and they said something just didn't get put back in properly, they fixed it. Then I had to go back AGAIN because they didn't put all the screws back in and the bottom cover was coming off.

After all that, it was working fine and then I began to notice that the charging light would only come on sometimes, but it would show up on the indicator on the task bar.

Pretty soon I started to notice even when it was on on the task bar it would still shut down as if it has lost power.

I don't really know what to do because I can't trust the light or the indicator and I don't really know what to do? I don't want to go back to the same repair guy because it's been awhile and I wasn't really happy with his work but I also have no money for a repair at this time.

Is there anything I can do that doesn't require opening up the laptop but will allow me to tell if and when it is actually charging? I'm kind of playing it blind here.

Thanks so much!


You may be looking at a failing battery, although it may be the charging port or the charger. Not to scare you, but I have run across quite a few places that messed with systems to ensure that the customer keeps spending money on fixing things, especially if they did shoddy work in the first place.
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