Laptop charging problem


Jun 23, 2014
I put thisnder components by accident not realizing we have a Laptop tech support, so here's my problem:

I have a Samsung laptop that I bought from best buy last year. I'm starting to get issues with it charging. I have it plugged in an i have it on, but it charges, then stops, then goes back to charging then stops again. Then when it's off it charges completely without an issue. Any Idea on what kind of problems I could be facing and how i could get them fixed? If i touch the AC adapter it seems to stop it's back and forth charging thing. I tried to install new drivers for the battery and the ADI driver, and I also tried to have it on without the battery, it just turns off.


Dec 13, 2014
The problem is either The ac adapter, the battery of the laptop, or the socket your plugging it into.
Have you tried plugging it into a different socket??
Also try taking the battery out and putting it back in in.
Try detaching the charger cable for the laptop from the power brick then putting it back and see if that helps.
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