Question Laptop connects to WiFi but can't access internet


Sep 24, 2017
Hello everyone, I recently got a laptop and tried connecting it to my home wifi, it connects just fine but then it has no access to the internet, even though my phone works just fine. I've tried a few solutions I found around here but none seem to work, so far the only thing I noticed that could be important is that when pinging my default gateway, all packages are lost, but when pinging, all packages are received, this was a suggestion I found in a thread but there was no answer from OP so I don't know what to do next, any suggestions?


At a command prompt run these two commands

netsh int ip reset


ipconfig /flushdns

Go to the configuration for the network card and disable ipv6, make sure ipv4 is set to DHCP and everything is set to get automatically. Reboot and see if you can get it connected again.
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Sep 24, 2017
I did all of that except setting everything to get automatically. It worked for a bit after rebooting but a few minutes later was back to the same.
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