Laptop crashed and now will not start


Dec 13, 2013

Before I start I just need to say that I am pretty bad with computers. I just typed my problem into google and this website came up. If you would be so kind and help me, bear in mind that I may not understand some of the jargon you use and I dont know much about hardware.

So a few weeks ago my laptop decided to crash and then when I pressed the on button, the screen stayed off, the power light came on, it made a noise then stopped (assuming this noise is the hard drive and/or fan), and the power light went out (think this means the laptop did not boot), then just pressed the on button a few times and it booted succesfully with the screen working. It kept on crashing and not booting and every time it crashed it seemed like I needed to press the on button more times until it booted successfully with the screen working. It then reached a point whereby it would not boot at all and the screen never turned on. I sent the laptop off for repair and then it came back. They wiped the hard drive and factory reset the laptop It worked a few times and then started crashing again and once again it will not boot. I am at the same point where I was before when I sent my laptop off. What should I do? Are there any steps you can reccommend for me to carry out to have it working again?

Cheers, Jonny.


Nov 17, 2011
I have personally resuscitated many laptops, my own and friends', but usually they go bad again within a year. The symptom you describe looks serious, and if the repair center couldn't completely remove it, it means beyond repair. Even if someone can fix it temporarily, most likely it will show problem again, probably in shorter time. Laptops are not built to withstand multiple mishaps, and like every other creature under the sun, it has its own time.

If you still want to try, here are a few things you can try.

- Replace HDD: You need to install new OS, programs, etc. Based on your self description, I don't recommend you to do this on your own.
- Replace RAM: It's not that hard. Just open the cover of the RAM slot, remove the old one, and insert new one
- Remove battery, and operate only with adapter. Check the adapter port for possible foreign object there.

There are a few more I would try, but not suitable for usual consumer.
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