Laptop crashed when playing games and now it is super slow


Aug 11, 2015
I have a lenovo y50 with the following configurations:
Win 10
Intel i7 4720HQ
Nvidia GTX 860M
16gb RAM
1tb 5400 rpm HDD

Recently out of nowhere, when I was playing a game of Dota, my pc simply crashed (not the game, but the whole system), and it wouldnt do anything until I forced it to shut down. It also played the last half second of sound repeatedly.
After that, my computer started to run really slow. It took about 10 minutes to turn it on, and more 6-8 minutes to settle down before I could do anything on it. I noticed that the task manager said it the disk was being 100% used constantly, even when I wasn't doing anything.

I have looked for the 100% problem online, and while some of the stuff it told me to do fixed it, the computer crashed again, and the 100% disk usage problem came back, leaving me with no solutions left.

I have had this computer for 6 months and it never did that. I also didn't do anything different recently like install something which could have corrupted my OS, or anything. It just randomly yesterday decided to crash and since then, it's been acting like a 2001 computer. It is seriously slow, and I'm barely able to use it for anything.

This is the first time I have chose to spend a lot of money (1100$) on a computer, and you can see how frustrated I am because of that. I am helpless and I don't know what to do anymore.

I have also noticed that it only crashes like that when inside a game, which turns me to think that it's a faulty graphics card.

It also only happened after I upgraded to windows 10 (which is probably hardly the reason, since I upgraded about a week ago and have played a lot, and only now it crashed).

Can anybody help me?

EDIT: I recorded some videos to be easier to understand.
When it freezes:

how slow it is:


The first thing I noticed is what is super noodle download manager as I have never heard of it? Second have you updated all the drivers for win 10?

Third what are the temps when you game and do normal things like surf the web?


Aug 11, 2015

I'm not sure what you mean by super noodle download manager?

I have updated the graphic cards driver to the latest in hopes it would fix it, other than that, I have not installed any other drivers after the upgrade to windows 10.

The temperatures have never been a problem, I don't have exact numbers but overheating is not the issue


In the video in the task manger, there is a program called super noodle download manager. I would upgrade all the other drivers if you can including the ones for the games if there are any. You may also need to update the bios if you are using an old one.
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