Question Laptop crashes after few mins, sometimes beeps repeatedly on boot. What to look for inside?

Jun 14, 2020
Hi all

I'm not sure if this is a hardware or software issue - I suspect hardware but if more knowledgeable people think it might be software related, I'll move this post.

I have a noname laptop, N24-25BU motherboard, it currently runs Linux Mint 19.1

Yesterday it began freezing, then switching off after a few seconds later. This happens a few minutes after start up. I have noticed that the fan doesn't start, but the laptop is usually still cold when it switches off.

Sometimes on boot it gives a loud, long, repeated beep. I tried counting, but it just seems to keep going. It doesn't always do this sometimes it boots fine, but still freezes and crashes soon after.

The current BIOS version is 1.05.16. I can't see energy options in there.

I have noticed that since this problem started, my initial menu looks different, the main groups and programs are switched around. I checked the kernel version and I don't think there's been an update so I'm not sure what has changed there. It's this changed layout which makes me think there's a small chance this is software/system related rather than hardware.

The last thing I had done before this problem arose was to install a Screencastify add-on to the Chromium browser - however the shut down happens even if Chromium isn't open so I don't think this is related. I have now removed it. (I can make small changes but they have to be quick before it crashes!)

I've had the laptop for about three years, so it should still be ok. Not sure about the guarantee but I'm in a different country now so it would be impossible to get it back to the vendor.

I'll soon be moving again, and it's relatively easy in my current country to buy a system-free/Linux laptop, so if I'm going to need a replacement it would make sense to do it here before I leave.

Any help or advice much appreciated! I found the maintenance manual online so willhave a go at opening it up - but I have no idea what I'm looking for so it's more out of curiosity and a feeling that I've got nothing to lose than in real hope of fixing it. If anyone can give me any pointers as to what to look for inside there other than just a good clean, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.
Jun 14, 2020
Right so I have some good news and some bad news.

I opened it up, didn't know what to do other than clean the fan. There was a fair bit of fluff in there and a few hairs so I cleaned that out and put it all back together.

And now.... it starts, I can hear the fan is turning but blissfully quietly BUT the screen remains black. When connected to the tv via a HDMI cable it works perfectly.

A few months ago the screen went all mangled after an impact. Oddly, it gradually improved over a few days and within a week was back to normal - so I wonder whether this current problem is related to this or is just a coincidence.

Since this is now a different issue I'll repost with different question.
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