Laptop fans spinning slower than usual, performance is the same.

Jan 10, 2019

This isn't so much of a problem, as it is more something really weird that I'm experiencing.

So I have this relatively new ASUS laptop (around 8 months old) on which I frequently game. As is expected the fans spin at top speed whilst gaming, especially when running more demanding games. This has always been the case since the first day I had this laptop.

Now since the last couple of days, the fans are no longer spinning at top speed when running said games, but are spinning slower instead (between 60 and 80% of total speed). Now the strangest thing is that the performance is as good as unaffected. Games run as smooth as always even for hours on end, only the loading screens are maybe a bit longer. The laptop doesn't show any signs of overheating either. It doesn't get warmer than it used to and never suddenly slows down or shuts down.

I didn't install or remove any other software in the last days. The only thing that changed is that Java did an update.

Of course I'm not complaining about this, but I just find it really weird. Does someone maybe have an explanation for this?

Already thanks in advance.
To know for certain about the heating you would really need to monitor the temps. It is possible that the laptop needs to be cleaned out of dust, debris, etc. However if it is still under warranty, then I wouldn't open it up as it could void it. You would need to check with the manufacturer first. That would cause the slowing. Also, if the fans are going bad, that could cause it.

As I said above, I would check the temps, even though you think there is no signs of heating. It is better to be sure. And if there is any issue, then you should still be under warranty, so you would want to get it fixed before that runs out.
Jan 10, 2019

I monitored the temperatures during gaming. CPU temperatures stay mostly between 60 and 70°C with sometimes peaking up to around 90°C. Temperatures also quickly go back to 35-40°C when quitting the game.

And it would be weird if it was caused by dust buildup because I had the fans cleaned around a month ago. And the fans still can spin at full speed if specifically ordered to do so, but they don't seem to do it on their own anymore.
Jan 10, 2019

Is there a way that the laptop would do that automatically? Because I don't know how to change that on my laptop.
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