Laptop for High End Use (£1500 Budget)


Jul 26, 2013
After getting into my University of choice, I need ( Although it could also be seen as want ) a laptop for my course. I have a desktop PC right now and it's around Mid-End however a laptop is needed and will be for around 3-5 years. With this in mind, I have a budget of £1500 to get a laptop. Personally I'm quite picky on the case of the laptop, I'm forking out £1500 I'd like it to look good or atleast to my taste. I've looked at Alienware and altough they're machines look great, I can't see myself paying for one.
I'd be using the laptop for Photoshop/3D manipulation, Video editing, gaming and movies. I've looked at several sites that let you customize your own laptop however with each site has their own flaws such as the US site are a much lower price and have great chassis that I'd like to have however the 17.5% Tax rate for shipping is a put off, however compared to some of the UK sites that I've seen I could get more with my money from a US site.
What I'd like to know is, is there any alternative, is there a decent, trusted site in the UK that offers the same quality and pricing or should I go for a US site purchase.
FYI, the case that I'm liking the most is the Lenova y510p
Thanks in advance :)