Laptop For Someone Who Wants A Great Screen?


Mar 3, 2015
My current laptop is about ready to die and the graphics card (or display) gave out ages ago. My current laptop can't handle blacks at all, causes the screen to flash.

So, over the last 2-3 months I have been looking at laptops. I decided that what I wanted in a laptop was:

- A great screen/resolution - I like to watch TV Shows/Movies on my laptop and I would love a great screen. My current laptop had a 1080p screen and I love it.

- A dedicated & decent graphics card - I have a desktop, X1, Wii U and soon a PS4 to play games. I wouldn't mind being able to play some games on my laptop but I don't plan on playing THAT many games. However, I think a good graphics card is a good call for the future.

- A 15.4 Inch or 17.3 Inch screen - My current laptop is 17 and at first it was a bit too big but now I love it. I can't do anything under 15.4 and I would probably prefer 17.3.

Budget: $2000

Here are my current top 3:


I have really considered a Macbook Pro but I have never used an Apple and I have a desktop PC, worried about making the transition to a Macbook. Plus, an Apple would basically rule out any laptop gaming.

Any suggestions? Tips?


Feb 13, 2012
hello there yes macbook pros are not meant for gaming, now to understand something first most movies and streaming services like netflix and hulu dont stream in anything above 1080p some people on youtube have videos they have recorded in 4k or 3k so other than some games and photos i dont think 4k or 3k is really worth it in the long run until more content is available to support it i would recommend a laptop with an IPS display at least but all those laptops you mentioned are good choices except that lenovo i have heard and it all over the internet that they have bad looking screens in them so if you really want a 3k or 4k screen then either of those 2 MSI laptops will be a good choice. thats my 2 cents hope this helps

Based on those, I'd add the Gigabyte P35W v3 (or P35X) to the list. Also the Clevo P650/P651.

Both come with IPS, IPS-equivalent, or Sharp IGZO screens, which are the best you can currently get.

I would eliminate the GS60-3k. That's based on the 870m, which is really more of an overlclocked 770m. It uses nVidia's Kepler architecture, not the newer Maxwell used in the 970m. So it's a lot hotter and noisier for worse performance. Likewise, if you do opt for the Gigabyte P35W, make sure it's the v3 (with 970m). Not the v2 which has the Kepler 870m.

The 860m in the Lenovo Y50 is actually a Maxwell. nVidia confusingly mixed the two architectures together with the 8xxm line. The 840m, 850m are Maxwell. The 860m comes in both Maxwell and Kepler variants. And the 870m and 880m are Kepler. The Y50 happens to use the Maxwell 860m.
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