Laptop freezes and locks up while using after effects, is RAM the issue or something else?


Mar 12, 2010

I have a lenovo Y510p with the following specs
i7 4700MQ 2.4 GHZ
8 GB (2X4 GB) 1600 MHz RAM
Toshiba 5400 RPM 1 TB HDD
Nvidia GT 755M GPU
Windows 10

Now I use after effects in my day to day life, however while using it my computer locks up at random intervals though sound comes through, cursor works it even changes when hovering over different items, for eg a hand over the preview window. However taskbar icons dont get highlighted when i hover over them, clicking on a window does nothing (if it was deselected then clicking does not select the window) however no message claiming that a program has hanged ever comes up.

Is this a problem with the RAM or Less RAM than needed or is it something else?

Please help as soon as possible as I was going to buy more RAM today but if it isnt the RAMs fault then I'd prefer on saving my money.

Thank You :)

with the power off make sure both ram sticks are locked in and the same goes for the video card if the laptop has one that can be removed. make sure intel chipset drivers and onboard video drivers and nvidia drivers been updated. in the bios make sure the nvidia chipset is only one on for testing. set the ram if you can for the gpu to max. see if it still locks up. if it does look for hardware setting in after effects see if there set for nvidia.
use hdtune check hard drive smart for any warnings. use hard drive vendor test tools to check the drive. also use a 3 party tool to read the windows error log see if the crashes are pointing to software or a hardware issue. use hardwae info watch your temps see if your laptop having heat issue. post help on adobe web page and your laptop vendor page see if anyone else having the same issue. with the ram use cpu-z check that both rams are the same part number and speed. and voltage if there mixed speed or voltage they can cause issue.


Mar 12, 2010
Ran HDD tests they all ran fine. Ram cant be different as its the stock ram that shipped with the laptop. And I bought the laptop from Lenovos official showroom so couldnt be tampering either.

Also I shouldve made myself clearer, the laptop freezes but it doesnt crash. Itll say freeze for 5 seconds then its back to running like nothing happened. Then if I add in a new effect, itll freeze for another 3-10 second then function normally. It never crashes, just freezes for a couple of seconds.

Also this only happens when i'm working with After Effects never happens otherwise.
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