Laptop freezing.. removing and reinserting battery fixes it.

Mar 31, 2018
Hi there,

Before I attempt another replacement battery (this one is holding its charge very well), I thought I would ask how I might go about finding the cause of the freeze.

I have an ASUS G73JH notebook.

I replaced the battery 3 years ago with one from Dr. Battery (, and it generally works quite well.

Occasionally, my machine will continually freeze either during startup, or immediately after startup. The error logs just show a machine_check code.

The only way that I am ever able to "reset" this freezing cycle is to unplug the power adapter, remove the battery, and reinsert the battery. After doing this, the machine will run fine again for an unknown amount of time until I eventually restart it to find it freezing once more.

I'm not sure if removing the battery, and unplugging it simply resetting the rom, or memory, clearing some kind of config issue, or if the issue is the battery itself, or what.

I am also using a tool called batterybar (I use this on all of my laptops with no issues).

Thank you!

It happened again tonight. I noticed this time that the charging light was flashing. Normally while running and on full charge the battery light stays green. Once again, pulling the battery and reinserting it resolved the constant freeze on boot.

I'll likely try buying another battery.. it just sucks because this one holds a good charge.
Mar 31, 2018
Hoping if I reply with an update it will bump this up.

I have replaced my old Seagate Momentus HDD (it was starting to beep, and had clocked over 20,000hrs powered on).

I did a clean format and install of Win 10 Enterprise on to my new SSD, and now have a 1TB WD Blue secondary drive which is currently formatted but empty.

I ran a memtest before the clean OS install which showed a 100% pass for my RAM.

My machine immediately froze 6 times in a row after the clean Windows install was done.

Like I said before, completely pulling the battery and cycling all power out of the machine and then rebooting temporarily resolves this problem for a few day to a week.

I am at loss for how to diagnose and repair this issue.

Please help..

The system event log has some critical errors to do with DCOM - they were video related, but I updated my drivers from AMD and they have gone now.

Thank you!
Mar 31, 2018

I didn't receive a notification for your response, I'm sorry.

I attempted to run the machine with the power supply only, and the same issue occurred.

I do believe the battery is failing though since the battery light flashing is an indication of that.
Sep 24, 2018
I have the exact same problem with my G73JW - A1. The laptop often freezes after booting from a shut down, quickly freezes again after a hard restart and the screen remains black/does not load into windows at all in the third or fourth attempt. Force shutting it down (optional but recommended) and removing all power from the laptop [battery and power cord] and reinserting it seems to fix it completely until I shut down and reboot again [I have tried sleep and gone over two weeks without any issues, until I shut down my laptop and restarted it again]. I thought it was the battery, so I ran it with the battery removed, but it still happened. I was very sure it might have been the old and worn hdd, and replaced it with a brand new ssd, but the problem still occurs. This is fairly recent, because I have been using my laptop extensively over the past 8 years and never had this until the past year.
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