laptop hardly to turn on and randomly screen goes down/enters in sleep mode (same problem with motherboard replaced)


Nov 27, 2015

I've a Dell l502x laptop (from 2011). I've some strange problems with it and now I am COMPLETELY lost. It has a Nvidia integrated graphic card and the one that comes with the i5-2410M (HD 3000 graphic card).


1- It's hard do turn on using the button. When it is the first time I turn on I have always this problem [video=""] [/video] . The unique solution is trying it several times or press the button during 30 seconds some times. The problem persists in all combinations with/without battery and with/without power supply plugged.

2- The system (randomly) goes to sleep after crashing "something" which forces to go to sleep. If I disable the option of going to sleep in my Windows Options then I can see how the screen goes down (black) during 1-3 seconds and turns on again. Sometimes the screen goes down during minutes. The same problem happens if I have external monitors connected (using the i5 graphic card or the Nvida graphic card, all of them fails). Sometimes is more often and sometimes not. When the screen goes black during seconds or minutes I can still heard the background sounds/music.

Solutions applied:

1- With my friend we used a heat gun with a temperature meter (he does it before) we make a reflow over the Nvidia and also over the HM67 chipset. After that the turn on problem was solved during 24 hours and the flashing screen I cannot ensure because the problems began again the next day (also the turn on problem).

2- I finally contact with an Aliexpress seller which sells me a 2nd hand motherboard. This motherboard doesn't have the Nvidia integrated graphic card. I've installed it correctly and SURPRISE! I still have the same problems (hard to turn on and sometimes the screen goes to black and returns again (with sleep mode disabled)). The more strange thing is that I've exactly the same problem that with my original motherboard and with the same frequency black screens that I am having this week (which is less than 2 weeks ago).

I'm totally lost.. I don't know what to do. I don't know if this 2nd hand motherboard has the same failure (it is strange because it doesn't have the Nvidia integrated card which I suspect to be the problem). Does anyone have any feeling about what can I try? or what can be? Now I am suspecting to be the i5-2410M which is the unique graphic card that I am using right now. I can add that I've another laptop with the same CPU and memory which I can use to replace and try it. But I am totally lost.. because people says me that was related to motherboard failure.



Nov 14, 2015

bad power switch board/cable/plug on mobo
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