Laptop Hardware Problem


Apr 4, 2014
Hello, first time posting here.

I have an ASUS N53SV laptop and I came across what I feel like it's a hardware problem. I travel quite often between my college and home and I take my laptop along with me in my backpack. After one particular trip, I realized that there was some problems occurring on my laptop. There were lots of stutters and small freeze duration, musics and videos would pause for a second every once in a while and come back on, and it would have problem even loading the simplest files here and there like an image file. It can run games that I usually play without a hitch, but there were latency spikes once or twice during 30 minute worth of playing.

I'm thinking about disassembling it and see if there's any sort of faulty connection, but I would rather not start this without knowing what might be the root of the problem. I know the basics of computer...but not enough for me to be confident in what I am doing.

I'm guessing this is a problem with the CPU or the RAM (Most likely the former)??

Thank you for taking your time.
run hdtune read your hard drive health. see if there any warning. check that the drive is seated. on laptops if the drive has taken a few good shocks the heads can be bent or drive will have what called a head crash. so if the drive is damaged it can start having read or write issue that can cause os and programs to stall. you can run memtest86 from a boot disk check the ram..before you run it take the battery out and power off and flip the laptop over make sure the ram is seated.
if the unit is under warranty try not to go to deep..send it in let asus run and test it. if it out of warranty and the hard drive is the issue look to put in a ssd and not a hard drive. the ssd has no moving parts.
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