Laptop has a purple/green tint with a ghosting effect


Sep 18, 2017
My problem is as stated in the title. It's basically the same problem as

My problem is that I have Iris graphics, so I don't know if there's supposed to be a ribbon cable or not to attempt to disconnect and then reconnect.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I have a Lenovo Edge 15 if that helps any.


Jun 10, 2017
Connect an external monitor to and see if the problem persists on that screen, if so, then you most probably got a faulty gpu. If the screen is fine then it can be flex cable issue or monitor problem. I am not sure whether laptop screen was affected by a strong magnet like leaving car subwoofer near the laptop that affected the display and this will require degaussing of the screen. I know this issue was common with old tube like televisions if a powerful magnet was carried past it. As to whether this affects liquid displays and LED monitors I am not sure.

In such a case simply leaving the television off for five+ hours fixed the issue but not always but some televisions came with degaussing cable that was neatly fitted on the tube itself just in case such an issue occurred thus some had self-fix option that simply required it to be turned off for at least 8 hours while it reset the pixels on the screen, as to whether can occur on a laptop I dont know.

However if your gpu is affected its possible can be recovered by checking if some good thermal paste is needed to applied between the gpu and its heat sink if the laptop does have such a setup. I wouldnt use the laptop until you check for dust and checked the gpu for cracks in the solder joints and thermal paste is good.

Ultimately if the gpu is fine then flex cable will require replacing and you rather have this issue than a faulty gpu.
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