Question Laptop heating problem

Apr 4, 2020
Hello, I own an Asus TUF FX504-GM laptop(1060, i7-8th gen, 8GB Ram). I bought it in november 2018( one and a half year ago) and lately I ve been getting very high temperatures even on idle. The temperature of my CPU especially goes as high as 100 degrees while gaming and my GPU as high as 92-93 degrees Celsius. I even bought a 4 fan cooling pad, but it doesn t seem to work. The laptop comes with some inner dans that Have three presets(silence, balanced and overboost). Even when I set it in overboost and with the cooling pad on as well, the temperatures are still as high as 95 degrees Celsius. I use msi afterburner and rivatunner to monitor these specs and I often hit the power and temperature limit as an indicator pops up in the On Screen Display. I must say that I can t modify voltage and power in the MSI Afterburner because they are locked on this laptop model. What should be the problem? Should I change the thermal paste or what? Thanks.


Nov 23, 2018
I own an Asus Fx504-gm laptop with an 8th gen i7 and nvidia gtx 1060. I ve been having issues with random hard freezes and I later found out that absolutely anyone with this exact model has the same issue and not even Asus service can fix it as they just replace every component and the problem persists so my guess is that this is software related.
I ve been noticing that I Always hit power limit(I monitorised it with afterburner) and so I have power limit throttling. The thing is, for this laptop the power limit is locked and I cannot modify it.
My last resort is to try a modified bios that can unlock the power limit slider. My question is: Is this possible? Are there any modified bioses that can unlock the power limit or the only way is to unlock it via the motherboard? If so, where can I get a reliable modified bios for my laptop and how can I check compatibility? Thx.
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