laptop isnt working, cannot access anything, windows 10 isnt working


Aug 26, 2017
i have an acer aspire laptop and the port where you put the charger in became really loose and the charger wouldnt fit in therefore the laptop wouldnt charge. so i took it to a laptop repair shop to get it fixed and i just got i back today. i gave them a fully functioning laptop and everything was working it was only the charging port that was out of place. when i got i back, i turned it on and it said something about updates needing to be installed, so i left it for the updates to be installed. it then took me to my sign in page and i logged in to the laptop. it came up with my normal screen with the icons on the left hand side however at the bottom of the screen which i think is called the taskbar, i had some windows apps there but they were just appearing as blank pages, so i clicked on the 'page icon' and it said something like this file has been removed or deleted. on the bottom of the screen there is also the wifi icon. i noticed that is was changed to an icon of a computer screen and everytime i click on it to change it to wifi nothing happens. furthermore, the windows icon at the bottom left hand side of the screen doesnt do anything when i click on it. i tried clicking on the windows bit on the keyboard and nothing happens. it also wont let me type into the bit where it says 'cortana'. i tried clicking on chrome and nothing happens. also when i tried accessing my documents through the recycle bin and it said 'you do not have permission to access these files'.
i apologise if this question is all over the place but i need help on how to fix my laptop. im not sure what has happened to it so any advice would be useful.


Question from anonu097 : "laptop not working, cannot access anything and windows 10 not working"