Laptop malware and possibly worm problem, help


Sep 7, 2014
Ok so, I have my mom's laptop. She isn't tech savy to say the least. When she gave me the laptop it had 12 mb space free(maximum space is 108 gig) or something insane like that. It had some sort of nasty malware and spyware on it.

I scanned and found 355 with Avast boot-time. After that I used malwarebytes which found an additional 259 unwanted items, and then finally I used Super Anti-Spyware to clean it which found 315 items.

I am unable to do system restore, it has been deleted from Windows. All restore points have been deleted also.

I am unable to re-install windows 7 on her PC. She doesn't know where the cd is, and doesn't have the product key anyway. I have a rescue disk which I used but had no effect.

Also the bios thinks that the year is 2009 permanently. I can change it but after a reboot it changes back.

I have the wireless adapter but although networks are in range, none show up. It even says connections available but then shows nothing.

I also went to services.msc and disabled pretty much everything. I went to msconfig and disabled all startup programs.

I see my only option would be to format the drive and then install a form of linux. On the HDD are pictures from my wedding that aren't on any other device.

Advice needed, thanks


Jul 15, 2014
You should move the images over to a USB Drive and then personally I would install Linux and overwrite the whole hard drive, it seems like your Windows has gone in the trash with tons of viruses.

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