Laptop Mysteriously Freezing All of A Sudden


May 22, 2016
Okay, so my laptop has for some reason kept freezing on me. This will be long. Here how it started:

I close my laptop with programs such as Chrome, Steam, Musescore, and sticky notes. On the Chrome tab, I had nearly 20 tabs running, most of them YouTube links. When I get back on, the Chrome freezes when I tried switching tabs. As I couldn't close the entire program, I went to the task bar to close it and, like an infection, it too froze. I tried Ctrl+Alt+Del with no luck. So I thought maybe I over locked my CPU (it's a laptop so I just figured). Then I just killed the whole system by holding the power switch.

Upon restarting and logging back on as usual, everything seemed only until I went back on Chrome, I opened two tabs one for YouTube and one on the google page, as soon as I switched from the Google tab to YouTube, the same thing happened. Frustrated, I struck the middle of the keyboard, I had headphones on so I heard a low-volume repetitive thud. I have a short temper, so I restart it again, this time o go into safe mode to do a system restore. I had a restore point just three days before what happened, but to sum up: the same thing happened. Another restore point, this time 6 days, no luck availed. At this point, I am running through forums, trying to describe on the good search tab what the hell has happened. I rummage through forums and after seeing crap like "I have the same problem too" I start reading a post that states that I should disable some startup programs in msconfig. I disable all of them, but the same thing happens...I then uninstall chrome thinking I could just reinstall it, but when I use internet explore AND Firefox, the same thing happens! I scanned my PC on MS security essentials, but even switching tabs on THERE froze my PC. Mind you, switching tabs on Safe Mode does not cause this issue. I just need to know what the problem is. I don't thing hitting my PC was the issue, as the problem was present before I struck my PC. And when checking my CPU usage in Task Manager, nothing was overusing it, strangely. I cannot go log in normally at this point, mg assumption is that any program will freeze the whole system.
Now I am starting to worry. For I use this laptop everyday, and it's pretty much essential for my school use. I have basic knowledge of PC's. So please try to keep a balance of descriptive steps and using basic terms.
And please don't instill some s*** like "omg I have the same problem" I need solutions, I could care less about your b***s***. Any multitude of solutions would be fine, even if it means opening up the case. If you need more info I will supply.

Windows 7 Home Premium
Dell Inspiron N5050
Intel Core I3
8gb RAM
Integrated Intel Family Graphics HD 3000 (or 5000 I forgot)

I now ask respectfully for any assistance, any solutions are find and like I said, if any more info is needed I am willing to suffice. Thank you.

Saga Lout

Olde English
The first thing to try is to power down and upend the laptop and see if there's a removeable hatch on the base with a tiny icon of a memory stick on it. Remove that and reseat the RAM by easing the clips at each end and releasing the stick one by one.

That could eliminate or fix the physical possibility. The original cause of the slowness is Chrome. If you look in Task Manager when you have twenty Chrome tabs you will find you have twenty instances of Chrome running and each one is using CPU resources.

I recommend you ditch the Google browser and stick with Firefox. Chrome is only there to harvest your personal data and search patterns so they can be sold to the highest bidder. When you uninstall it, seek out all traces and delete them because they'll still phone home with search data.


May 22, 2016

I don't think this the proper solution, I uninstalled Chrome and like I said the same problem applies to pretty much any program that has tabs. I'm trying not to center on the fact that tabs are the issue but I'm wondering if it's a Graphical issue, or anything!
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