Laptop powers on but screen black however able to start normally sometimes but turns off itself


Nov 18, 2016
Hello. So my laptop is acting very strangely. It started with turning itself off and the blue screen of death appeard but then it would try to restart itself but the screen was black. Then I started having problems turning it on, it powers on but the screen is black. But after a few tries a managed to turn it on, although it turned off after a while. I tried to auto recover and managed to backup my data on the safe mode and it didn't turn off itself although the auto repair didn't work. I thought there was a malware and I reinstalled it. I installed Ubuntu. It worked but then I turned it off and when I tried to turn it back on it worked but then it turned off itself and I haven't been able to turn it back on. Although I just tried one more time and it surprisingly worke but it turned off again. Also there is that weird light under the F11 key. And whenever the light is on, the screen is black. If i manage to turn it on, the light is off. My laptop is Toshiba Tecra S. Hope someone can help.
This kind of turning off can be caused by either the drive going or overheating. Try installing a monitoring program like "Speedfan" or one of the many others like it. Set it to log the data, and watch to see how the temps are for your device.

If they hit a higher temp (higher than normal) right before/as the laptop turns off, you have an overheating issue and will need to either replace the thermal paste for the fan(s) or replace the fan(s) themselves and their thermal paste.

NOTE: If the laptop is still under warranty, do not open it on your own. Instead contact the manufacturer about a repair or replacement.


Nov 18, 2016
I don't think it is overheating because it turn itself off after just 10-15 minutes. It just doesn't have time to overheat.
And about the hard drive, all my data was intact. I was able to back it up before reinstalling.
The funny thing is that when I think about it, it worked fo 2-3 hours in safe mode on Windows , when I was baking up. Also I why is that light on, when it refuses to turn on. F11 means number pad on/off. Makes no sense.


Dec 17, 2016

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