Laptop prompts me to use charger when booting and does strange noise


Dec 7, 2016
So im gonna explain in detail the situation- the other day i wanted to turn off my laptop(asus rog gl503 windows 10) and when it said ,,shutting down,, on the screen, it suddenly sent me back to my desktop screen. It wasnt a restart because the screen didnt even go black and it kept doing the same thing howmany times i wanted to turn it off, so i had to turn it off through the physical button. I thought that there might be a windows update that is causing this isssue so i updated windows and now an even more strange thing happened. When windows updated and restarted the laptop, the hard drive(i think) made a very loud screeching noise and after that i i got sent to the UEFI BIOS with the message that i had to turn on my AC adapter. Now my laptop makes this noise evey time it turns on and it wont turn on without it being plugged in. What can i do?
Sounds like you may have more than one problem there. I would suggest having a tech look at it. Sounds like you may need the drive replaced and possibly a motherboard issue as well.