Solved! LAPTOP PURCHASE HELP 1000$ edition


Aug 2, 2017
I wanted to gift myself a gaming laptop for 2019 and I have a budget of 800$ - 1000$,

What I want in a laptop is

i7 8th gen 8750 u/h

8 - 16gb ram clock speed is not that important to me

Gtx 1050ti or Gtx 1060 mas q

SSD + HDD is awesome

Fair selection of ports

Know I narrowed it down to maybe these

Dell g3
Acer nitro 5
Hp omen
Lenovo y520
Dell 7567

These all are 16gb variants and has a Gtx 1050ti at least. I need more ram cuz I do a lot of multitasking, editing and 3d.

All of them are i7 but are clocked between 2.2 and 2.8 GHz. I also do a lot of video editing and 3d works so the extra cores will most certainly work.

Screens are 1080p but please suggest something which has 70 or 120 Hz display. I'm a student and I do some to a lot of travelling so when I talk about display I want it to be good but not the main star

Battery life is not that big of a deal to me 4-6 hours are ok. I'm mostly gonna use this laptop for indoor gaming and not gaming on the go.

Must be having at least 512gb storage.

I know that the g3 has a thermal throttling issue so what should be the coolest. I'm expecting to do 2 to maybe 5 hours of gaming.

I/O selection to be okayish, I don't expect thunderbolt connection rather than USB C. I want a good selection of USB A and an HDMI cable and if possible ETHERNET would be a good thing.

If the laptop's a bit big I'm not that concerned but never be something like the Predator series.

Share your opinions on this and one more thing should I wait for the next gen of Gtx 20 series or should I just strike when the irons hot.

I'll be looking at all of this and will be making a spreadsheet.