Laptop randomly hangs only under low load, baffled.

Apr 5, 2018
So recently my ~1 year old laptop started locking up on me, mouse pointer freezes, system is entirely unresponsive and I have to do a hard reset. The strange thing is, this only happens when the system is under low stress, for example when browsing or downloading something. When gaming or running stress tests for example, it runs fine, and never locks up. This also does not happen in safe mode. (can download, install and run programs fine, checked HDD for bad sectors, found 0)

My first thought was that this is probably a driver/software issue, so I get all my drivers up to date (while running something in the background lol), update bios, etc. and it still locks up. Also scanned multiple times with AVG and malwarebytes to rule out possible malware issues.

So I moved onto hardware, stress tested everything, ran memtest overnight, no ram issues (once again this only happens under low stress so I doubt it’s a component failing), tested Hdd with Seatools, hdtune, chkdsk (The LED that indicates that the hdd is running stops flashing when it hangs, if that helps) I also checked eventviewer to see if any errors show before it hangs, found that the last system or app event happened an hour before it locked up (since I left it idle). I also removed all USB devices, still locks up.

As a last resort, I reinstalled windows completely after formatting the hdd, since I couldn’t think of any other possible causes of this issue. And after much anticipation.... it still locks up in the same way...

As I’ve said, it only happens under low stress, could this be a PSU or MB fault? Is there any other way to determine the cause? It also sometimes freezes when booting up windows, but never in BIOS or when booting into safe mode.

Specs if it helps:
Windows 10 Home
i7 7700HQ
GTX 1050 4gb
16gb ddr4 ram (2x 8gb)
Seagate 1TB 5400 rpm HDD

Any help is appreciated, sorry if my English isn’t very good, not my first language.

Edit: forgot to mention, kept a hardware monitor program open and checked what it looked like when it locked up again(since the screen stays on) all temps were normal, hardware usage ran from about 2-10% across the board, no weird spikes or anything.



Nov 30, 2016
So a clean window doesnt help and the spec shouldnt lag in any ways....

Try change power option to high performance may help.
Still better get it to check if still under warranty

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