Laptop Replacement Opinions


Jul 8, 2015
Hey all!

Just looking for some opinions on what to buy that's decently inexpensive, will work well and be a good substitute for an older laptop. Not saying I necessarily need all the pros laptops come from, but my main goals are something to have that's easily portable, decently fast/smooth web browsing, everyday calendar/bill/life use and maybe have some small not super intensive games/apps used on it.

I have a like 5 year old ASUS notebook (of some kind that I don't remember) that is just slowly dying and sees less use as I always need to have it plugged in and it has slow annoying browsing and startup times.

I know one option to be like a factory reset, wipe/clean-up and even just replacing current HD with an SSD but any other like replacement laptops, tablets, etc anyone recommends that wouldn't be a huge hole in my wallet? Thanks!


Mar 14, 2013
Check out the dell outlet. Their laptops are pretty decent. Also there is usually a 25-35% coupon. Also they come with a year dell warranty.
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