Solved! Laptop says connected to internet, can't search internet

Dec 11, 2018
I have tried tons of guides and forum posts for this issue but still no avail. We just got AT&T, and the other laptops and devices connected perfectly fine to the internet and can browse pages. One laptop however says it is connected, has internet, but cannot get on any web pages.

When I try to ping, I get the host is unreachable and timeouts. I have flushed the DNS, released and renewed the ipconfig, did the netsh and winsock reset, nothing.

The drivers are up to date for the wireless card. It can connect properly to the internet via ethernet, but it is not practical since the router is upstairs in the study and defeats the purpose of having a laptop.

I have tried disabling and enabling the wifi card, tried diagnosing the problem through windows (says cannot determine the issue). When I run ipconfig I get pretty normal connection information, everything looks fine. AT&T cannot figure out what the issue is.

Any other tips and tricks for getting this laptop up and running again? it is a Dell on windows 10, not sure the model (don't have access to it currently).
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