Laptop Shuts Off Immediately


Mar 18, 2014
I have a Toshiba which isn't even a year old and it has been a good computer but out of the blue one day I left it on (unplugged) and when I came back the battery was assumed to be dead. I plugged it in, turned it on, and it showed the Toshiba logo then immediately died. When trying again nothing happened. A few days go by and I try it again, this time it turns on, seems ok, but later on I try to use it again and the same thing.

I have removed the RAM to see what would happen as some Google searched recommended and nothing.

Any ideas what to try? I don't want to throw much money into it as I can pickup a similar laptop at a reasonable cost but I'd hate to just let it collect dust if it can easily be fixed.
Well if it that new, it should still be under warranty. I would suggest contacting the manufacturer about the issue. I say that because the other thing I would suggest requires you open up the laptop to get at the battery, and it is best to contact the manufacturer before doing that (on some devices at least) as opening it could void any warranty.
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