Laptop shutsdown randomly in a minute or two


Aug 23, 2015
My dell laptop has got a new and weird problem.
Ok here goes... When I restart my computer it could never complete the windows boot screen(it would shut down)... so I though it was a virus.... tried safe mode no luck.... tried reinstalling windows (still used to shut down).... so I just left it and the next day the problem was gone.... Used it for a long time no problemo.... But when I restarted my system.... The problem came back... so I opened the bios and kept it open for some time.... well the problem did not go away.... I opened the laptop, cleaned the fan... reconnected every wire.... and tried reinstalling windows.... did not even complete the copying of files, it shut down....
Next day it worked perfectly....
So I came to my conclusion whenever it is in the loading page/booting screen and the cpu/gpu was hot(previously under running condition), it can never make it alive....
So the bios is doing some kind of magic on my system... I can live wit this,but if had to reinstall my OS.... i know there is no way to go around.... so is there any way to disable the auto restart due to heat?
btw it does not even get so hot....bcos once it completes the loading I can even play games without any problem


Aug 26, 2015
There is no way to disable the thermal trip restart, and it should never be attempted, because this functionality is essential to your computer's safety. Can you try running temperature checks on the CPU or GPU at the BIOS, using a PC Health Status feature or something similar? Can you try doing so when in Windows? Note that during BIOS and startup, most of the time there is no CPU throttling being performed, so your CPU and GPU will run as fast and as hot as they can.
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