Question Laptop shutting off seconds after hitting power button(video software the cause?

Nov 25, 2020
To make a long story short: I have an HP ENVY m6 Sleekbook. I downloaded a video editing software used it a few times, then i noticed I had to push the power button 2-3 times to get it to start. Then one day I hit the power button, computer started to power for 3 seconds, then shut right off.
I am pretty clueless with computers but did some research.
First of all there are no Beeps in the beginning of power up. Laptop isn't even powering up enough for anything to show up on screen. power button lights up and the fan spins. MY hard drive is FINE I was able to hook it up to a different computer. Tried turning it on with the charger only, no battery, I get the same result. Power up 3 seconds, then shut off.
I replaced the BIOS, that didnt help.(i even did that static build up release thing, didnt work either) I even took it apart and replaced the power button itself, didn't work.
I've read mixed things on RAM being the issue. Is it something with my CPU? Do i need to replace it? Can a bad graphics card cause this? I am starting to think it is this video editing software that caused the issue since I am now aware that video editing can be too much to handle for some laptops. I HAVE Learned MY LESSON. Any guidance would be APPRECIATED GREATLY.
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Nov 25, 2020
when you installed the editing software, did the laptop run hotter than normal?
Not that I am aware of. I didnt receive any notifications and I kind of just walked away from the laptop when editing since the process took about an hour. However if it did overheat what could my issues/options be?
I think you need to take the machine to a repair shop. In theory, the machine should protect itself from overheating by throttling back, but there's a chance that didn't work well enough. When you were using the machine, was it in your lap by chance? You would have likely noticed it getting overly hot. The machine does some selftest on power up and should report problems on the screen if it can get that far. Could be any of a lot of things broken.

How old is the machine? Is it still under warranty by chance? I've had good luck sending laptops back to HP. If you do that, be aware it may come back with the drive wiped of all your programs and data.
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