Laptop speakers only play when testing or headphones are plugged in

Sep 1, 2016
First of all, i want to thank whoever you are for at least attempting to help me.

Now, to elaborate the problem.
-My Laptop speakers only play when i plug in my headphones, or when i press "test" on the playback window.
-I don't know if this Laptop used to play audio normally before, because it was sold to me by another guy, and i have no way to contact him.
-The exact model of this Laptop is Pavilion dv6-6120ez
-I have 3 audio "devices" on the playback window that you open by going to the control panel, one is HDMI (not plugged in), other is (Speakers and earphones), and the other one is Auscultadores para comunicações (in English is something like "Headphones for communications")
The "Speakers and Headphones" device shows the soundbar moving when i'm playing something, even though i cant hear it, but the stupid thing is, when i press "Test" on the "Headphones for communications" i can hear everything my Laptop should be playing, but i only hear it for like 2 seconds.
-This Laptop has something to do with beats audio.
-I tried lots of times to download the drivers from the HP website for my exact model, they only have for windows 7, i am using windows 10, but i tried it on win7 and i had no success.(i tried it on win10 too)
-Also when i adjust the sound with my mouse on that windows volume mixer, i hear another 2 seconds of sound, BUT ONLY if i do that to the "headphones for communications" device.
-Basically i want to kill myself since i have been doing this for like 3 days now, non-stop, and i got nothing.

So i want to thank you again for reading this far, and i hope some Merciful Soul help me :)

the day after i wrote this, turned on the laptop, and in despair i just tested it again, to see if my prayers were answered :C
IT WORKED for some time, but it sometimes fails, like i'm hearing it, and then it fails for like split second, and resumes again, not in a specific pattern.
but 10min later to my surprise it stopped again.
(end my suffering please)

I sticked a stick thingy in the jack where you plug your headphones or microphone in, and it started playing for a second then died, so after that i basically RAPED the jack with my headphones, and it started playing again for a little bit, then it stops.
3h later i left the laptop with ninja tuna runing on repeat non stop in my living room, and it started playing out of nowhere, but it soon stopped.
why am i telling you this?
i dont know, might help you guys or something.
Sep 1, 2016

nope, i think my laptop doesn't use realtek at all :\
Sep 1, 2016

Graphics Properties (amd)
Configure Switchable Graphics (donno wtf this is)
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Paste Shortcut
Graphics Properties...
Graphics Options
Display settings

On the brighter note, i turned my pc on 30min ago, turned on ninja tuna to test the sound, has been playing since i turned it on no problem.
i hope it stays that way :)
Sep 1, 2016

But i just formated the pc
you know what?
i think it is hardware problem, it works better lately, but when it stops playing, i stick my headphones in the MICROPHONE jack, and it starts playing again, if i rape(in and out fast and strong :D) the jack a little bit, it starts playing a without failing for a bit, like 5seconds to 30min.