Laptop starts up in the background but screen blank


Sep 2, 2014
Hello, I have an HP Laptop that when I restarted it started up fine the background the the screen didn't turn on. For example the fan, lights, and stuff like that are on, I also shear the windows startup sound. But nothing shows up on screen. I have tried to fix this with unplugging the computer holding the power button down and it still doesn't work. Now the momotor isn't broken because the monitor turns on and it can't be the inverted because a flashlight doesn't show anything in the background. I don't kn w my exact specs but the laptop is a full metal HP laptop with 6 gigs of ram and Intel graphics. Answers would be appreciated thank you


Sep 2, 2014

I have realized that it could be a problem with my gpu so I will test it by connecting it to my tv and seeing how it will work


Feb 3, 2015

I own a DELL VOSTRO 1000 and the fan stopped working which prompted overheat,so after i read some online help i tried to open the laptop and clean off the dust from the fan and cooler, then i coupled it and press the power botton, the system boot as normal, but during booting i couldn't see the write-ups as it used to be but it boot normal and the fan works normal, the screan ON only but, there is no windows background nor image displayed.

when I connected it to a desktop monitor i saw that the system was in good state just the screan

Please i need solution.
Thanks in advance
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