Laptop suddenly running games extremely slow

Aug 7, 2018
I've had this laptop since December 2015 so about 2 and a half years now, and it's been an absolute dream up until a couple of months ago. It's been slower than normal for quite a while now, since late June, which is when I believe a windows update happened? And since then, no matter what I do my laptop is just so slow. I used to be able to run Skyrim at 45-50fps (with about 245 mods and a good quality ENB) and it was the same with The Witcher 3(also with a good collection of mods and a lighting mod) and other 'recent' high quality games (Dragon Age Inquisition (with mods), Shadow of Mordor. I got an average of 35FPS in Kingdom Come Deliverance with a few mods).

Now, since late June that FPS has dropped gradually until yesterday, where I can barely play games at all. Skyrim averaging 10-15fps and then crashing, The witcher 3 with 3 fps??? I haven't tried any other games except Metro Last Light where I got 24fps (I used to get 60).

I have tried cleaning my laptop and updating all my drivers, i've tried clearing out my hard drives so I don't have a whole bunch of crap. I've run several AVs and its not a virus (as far as I am aware). Does anyone know what this could be? Is the laptop just old now : (((

The laptop is an MSI Ghost Pro GS60 slim.
Here are my system specs:

Geforce GTX 970M
Intel i7-6700
4gb VRAM
8gb RAM
Thank you : )) I hope I've provided enough info


Have you made sure you're on the latest BIOS update for your laptop's motherboard? Have you tried using the latest GPU drivers for your Nvidia based GPU? Did you try and reinstall your OS? I'm assuming you're on Windows 10(which hasn't been mentioned). If so, then check and see what the resource usage scenario for your laptop when idle is.
Aug 7, 2018

Yes I'm on windows 10. I'm using the latest driver and I don't want to reinstall the operating system because I have nowhere to put all of my stuff. I didn't know you're supposed to update you're motherboard...

When its idle the RAM is at 55% CPU is at around 10% and disk is at 0-15%
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