Solved! Laptop turns on after 5-10 minutes of pressing power button (Unremovable Battery)


Jan 24, 2019
When i press the power button my none of the LEDs turn on, I have to continuously press the power button for around 5-10 minutes until the the the laptop will power on. Not sure if its to do with the power button or the battery.
If it is the button needing to be repushed over and over, then it is likely the button that is the problem. Were it the battery, then it would only occur when on battery and not when the charger is connected. Assuming it happens during both (you didn't mention), then it is likely the button.

Also, were it the battery, it wouldn't turn on at all, not even after a few tries. Now it could be the motherboard, but lets hope not.

If the device is under warranty, contact the manufacturer. If it isn't, then try a local tech.


Jan 24, 2019

Thanks, I'm going to ship it to the manufacturer today, hope they fix it. :no:
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