Laptop WIFI disconnected and sometimes can connect again after restart


Jan 19, 2017
I am using Dell Inspirion 14 7447. Before, I don't have a problem connecting to WIFI networks. However, recently, my laptop WIFI will be limited (which shows a yellow exclamation) and my browser will not respond (I'm using Chrome and Safari). After that, my WIFI will be disconnected. My laptop won't be able to detect any WIFI networks, which shows a "No network found" message. When I check the other devices, they can detect and are connected to a WIFI network.

I have to restart my laptop to be able to connect again. But after a few hours, the problem repeats.

I already try reinstalling my wireless driver, the problem is still there.

Does it have to do with hardware/software issue?

Thank you for answering. :)


Dec 8, 2016
On the laptop type 'ipconfig /all" without quotes, in command prompt and post the results .
Do the same with any other computers in your residence, when the issue happens.
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